APOPA #132 Nugu Corner: SM☆SH

(with Tony)

This a 5 member male group from TN Entertainment, founded by former H.O.T member Tony Ahn. They debuted in August 2008 with the song Emergency from the mini-album “open fire” originally as a 6 member group. The group made their official debut in Japan back in 2010, where SM☆SH  spends most of their time.

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Member profiles 

HyunJun (real name: Nam HyunJun, stage names: WORLD/Segye)
Leader; Lead vocal
DoB: 11/19/1980
Former member of D.Bace (2001-2003)

MinKyu (real name: Shim MinKyu, stage name: Jerry)
DoB: 05/13/1988

YoungSuk (real name: Joo YoungSuk, stage name: Naru)
DoB: 10/07/1988

JungSoo (real name: Han JungSoo, stage name: Hanbang)
Main Vocal
DoB: 01/26/1989

Hero (real name Kim MinSoo)
Vocal; Maknae
DoB: 10/12/01991

- Videos -

I'll Protect You - MV (Eng Sub)

I'll Protect You - Live

Tony & SMASH - "Get Your Swag" Live 

MV ft. Boom

Get Your Swag on Dance Practice  (Mirrored)

Emergency (Debut MV)

Saturday Night Live: H.O.T Fanfic Parody (Hilarious)

Japanese Debut PV - "Lunatic" / HD version

09/04/2008 Arirang Showbiz 
12/18/2012 Billboard Korea (English Subbed) 

Tony & SMASH on Simply Kpop 

SMASH HIT ( 1 - 15 Subbed Playlist)

Official sites:

SmashjapanSmashboys(Korean site)
TN Entertainment official siteJakol official siteFor Life Music Entertainment site

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