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Big B Radio is The Only Hot Station for Asian Music. Streaming a wide variety of Asian Pop, Kpop, Jpop, Cpop music all under one station and promoting Asian Pop music to the worldwide audiences since 2004 proudly run by volunteers.


KpopWise is partnered with Koremagazin. Koremagazin produces K-Pop related content for the Turkish community. Check out their website and socials for Kpop media in Turkish!

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Kpop Trainee Find brings Kpop Trainees together with Kpop fans. Check out their pages to connect with and learn more about Kpop Trainees. Stay tuned for our Trainee Spotlight series! 

Kmusic Discovery

Supporting underrated, unknown, & rookie k-musicians with news, photos and links. Check out their pages to discovery new artists! 

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