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Here is your opportunity to join the KpopWise team! Since the site is called "Kpop" Wise, applicants need to be well versed in K-pop other than a few artists. We are looking for staff that will write about K-pop music, news, reviews, events, and trends. Staff positions are remote and can reside anywhere in the world but must understand English enough to write an article.

The following positions are open on a rolling basis:

– You do not have to be a super-experienced writer. The KpopWise senior staff are willing to coach you.

TRANSLATORS – If you are able to translate news articles that have not already been written into English and re-posted somewhere else, or translate videos of Kpop artists responding to our interview questions, then this is the position for you.

VIDEO EDITORS - If you are experienced in video editing this could be the position for you. Video editors create kpop feature videos, edit interview content, and more.

PHOTOGRAPHERS - If you are a photographer with a professional camera feel free to apply to be a part of the team. Photographers will shoot concerts and events in their area on the behalf of KpopWise.

Currently, these positions are volunteer only.
  • What you gain from joining us: We are fun and easy people to work with.
  • We give you the opportunity to interview artists on behalf of KpopWise!
  • We give you the opportunity to introduce us to fresh or underrated artists!
  • Great experience especially, if going into journalism or media.
  • Build your writing portfolio.
  • Get references as a thank you for all your hard work and contributions!
  • Media passes to concerts and events!
Serious inquiries in joining the team ONLY. We do NOT randomly hand out press passes to people just because they want to see their favorite artists!

If you think you fit the above criteria and would like to give it your best shot, then please send an e-mail to kpopwise@gmail.com, along with the following information: Relevant subject (WRITER, TRANSLATOR, VIDEO EDITOR, PHOTOGRAPHER)
  • Name
  • Country of residence
  • A paragraph about yourself explaining why you want to work with KpopWise and why you believe you are a good fit for the team.
  • Submit at least 1 features pitch if applying for the Features Writer position. Either link to or upload any writing samples you have done.
  • For the Translator position submit 1 translation sample and the link to the original Korean article source (50 words minimum).
  • For the Video Editor position, please submit a link to a video you edited before, it does not have to be K-pop related. Video can be on a video upload site like YouTube, as well as a social media account such as; Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • For the Photographer position, please write camera model and submit your portfolio that has more than 5 photos in your email.

Please do all of the required for your desired position to be considered. Attention to detail is important, applications with inquiries outside of what is mentioned on this page will be rejected without notice because it proves you didn't read before applying.

From now on we only accept applications through email.

Thank you!

Updated February 9, 2023