About KpopWise

KpopWise officially launched in April 2020. We strive to be a reliable and unbiased Kpop news source curated by experienced journalist and Kpop fans. Our objective is to provide updates about Kpop artists, especially those without much international coverage.

The name KpopWise has two meanings --  
1. It can relate to a topic specifically such as “What are you listening to Kpop wise?”
2. To expand one’s knowledge of Kpop music. 

KpopWise is available on multiple platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify. Emails can be sent to kpopwise@gmail.com 


About Ciera (Editor in chief) 

Ciera is the creator of Kpopwise. She has been a fan of Korean pop culture since 2005. Her bias group is VIXX. She co-founded the international music website TuneN2IM, short for Tune into International Music in May 2009, an outlet for artists all over the globe to promote their works, including interviews with various Korean singers, songwriters and producers. From 2013 to 2018 she was a contributing content creator to various Asian media websites such as; Dramafever, MoonROK, and Kpopstarz. She is largely a 2nd-3rd generation Kpop fan, however she is actively keeping up-to-date on the current acts.

About Whewtaewoon (Sr. Writer) 

Beau is an underrated boy group and K-band enthusiast who has been a K-music fan since 2015 when Jay Park captured their heart. He can be found on Twitter hyping their ults Taewoon, Wonho, and the bands VOID and Daylotus. They spend their free time learning about history, theology, true crime and running way too many kpop twitter accounts.

About Abhi (Writer, Social Media Manager) 

Hopping on the K-pop train in 2015, she is a multifandom stan but Stray Kids and SEVENTEEN hold a special place in her heart. With a knack for art and a sad sense of humour, she can be found exploring new groups and music.

About Kendra (Writer) 

A Kpop fan who is fairly new to the scene. Loves writing stories and learning Kpop dance choreography in her kitchen. Also a die hard fan of Korean Dramas and is currently learning how to speak Spanish and Korean. Ultimate BTS Stan but also loves Stray Kids, Twice and Blackpink.

About Louise (Writer) 

A Die-hard K-pop fan since 2015. Enjoys reading books, writing poems, and dancing into some K-pop songs. She also loves drawing and drinking coffee. She is a fan of a lot of groups (EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, SEVENTEEN, Day6, Pentagon and The Rose).

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