Why Makestar is the Best Thing to Happen to Small Company Groups

Ciera Reeves

What is Makestar? It's just like any other crowdfunding site. Only been around a few month but, Kpop artists and companies have used this site to start projects, including albums and other products. So far, quite a few girl groups from smaller companies have more than reached their goal in order to successfully have a comeback album like Stellar. Some of the projects are "all or nothing" though, therefore promotion of these pages are key, especially if the groups are rookies. 

Anyone can make an account and donate to their project of choice. Like other crowdfunding projects there are perks depending on the level of monetary support like signed albums, shout outs, all the way up to dinner dates.(If you happen to be in Korea) It seems that this is a pretty good way to get a signed album from artists that would otherwise be difficult to. Personally, I have not tried it yet since I'm on a struggle budget myself these days, but I assume the site is safe. As long as the companies hold up their part of the bargains, its cool. Even the more well-known idol groups have put in a word to support the site 

If you've got the coins to spare and love Kpop, you should make an account because more artists are bond to appear soon. Anything to help your favorite artists and idols have a comeback sooner rather than waiting like two years sounds good to me. I'm already thinking something High4 or Halo will be posted in the future. 

Regular updates from the artists are uploaded to the site so you can keep up with their progress and get a bit of fan service.

They have polls and giveaways, so don't miss any chances and sign up here http://www.makestar.co/

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