V-Hawk Joins Urban Works

Urban Works, a general media group, announced on April 1 that it had signed an exclusive contract with the musician and film-maker V-Hawk. 
V-Hawk composed by F(x) Amber's album 'SHAKE THAT BRASS (feat. Taeyeon)',
Teen Top HIGH FIVE Abum's 'Memory' feature, Niel's 'Spring Love' Album feature, etc.
In collaboration with various musicians such as Donut Man and Niel of Teen Top, he presented colorful music.

He is an artist who has enthusiast fans not only in Korea, but also overseas.
In the form of an ALL-ROUNDER, he not only wrote and composed directly, but also directed music videos.

V-Hawk is also a representative of V-FILM Productions and an emerging music video director.
Jay Park featured as well as his music video-DRIP, DOUBLE K – CYPHER
Produced a music video of a famous artist. Producing the music video of the Chinese girl group 'Hickey'
It has been recognized for its ability not only in Korea but also abroad, and has received love calls from many artists.
In particular, his “NO CHANGE” has a unique tone of V-Hawk, fresh visual beauty, and refined direction.
He is highly regarded for his outstanding music video.

Urban Works signed an exclusive contract with V-Hawk, and at the same time, stable management
Not only is it supported, but the production know-how of Urban Works is in line with the changing media platform era.
V-Hawk's directing and production capabilities add new media content to various platforms. In addition, contents to be released through collaboration between Urban Works and V-Hawk, he expressed his ambition to deliver the image of YOUNG & FRESH, hoping to reach out to the public more.

Follow V-Hawk 

Instagram @__vhawk
Film Instagram @official_v_film

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