[Reader's Choice] Your Top Songs of 2020


It’s the end of the year again. As we close out this year and begin a new one, we look back on songs that were released that made 2020 a little bit more bearable for us. We asked our readers to give us lists of the their top 10 songs. Some others fired up their Spotify playlists and Last Fm, many surprised at what they saw.  Do you see any of your favorites in these lists? Most songs are not in any particular order.

Kpopwise's Top 20 picks 

JBJ95 - Jasmin
OnlyOneOf - dOra maar
NCT127 - Kick it
GWSN - Bazooka
Dreamcatcher - Scream 
Kai - Mmmh
Gemini - Going 
Wonho - Open Mind
UNVS - Solar Eclipse
GOT7 - Not by the Moon
SoRi - Initial S
Monsta X - Love Killa
Kim Wan Sun - Yellow
A.C.E - Goblin (Favorite Boys)
BTS - Black Swan
Brave Girls - We Ride
Hyolyn - Say My Name
Chung Ha - Stay Tonight
Jang Hyunsueung - I Just Can’t Stop Loving You


Monsta X - Who Do You Love?
TWICE - I Can't Stop Me [English Version] 
NCT127 - Kick It 
Taemin - IDEA
Monsta X - Beside U (feat. Pitbull)
Wonho - Open Mind 
Monsta X - Happy Without Me 
Taemin - Criminal 
NCT127 - Pandora's Box 
Taemin - Black Rose (feat. Kid Milli) 


Purple Rain - The King Must Die
UNVS - Solar Eclipse
Stray Kids - God's menu
Jay Park - All the Way Up
Lil Roni - Pado
Lucy - Jogging
Golden Child - Lucid Dream
Void - Move on
Vinci - Swamp
UNVS - Timeless 


Sunmi - Pporappippam
A.C.E - Gobin (Favorite Boys)
Boyhood - Retro Love
Dreamcatcher - Scream
Twice - I can't stop me
Gfriend - mago
Seven o'clock - Hey there
Wonho - Losing you
3ye - Queen
Apink - Dumhdurum


Wonho - Open Mind
Baekhyun - Candy
AleXa - Revolution
UNVS - Solar Exlipse
Stray Kids - God’s Menu
NCT U - From Home 
Xydo - Betting 


Taemin - Idea
A.C.E. - Goblin (Favorite Boys)
Wonho- Open Mind
Gaho - Start Over
Solar - Spit it Out
ATEEZ- The Black Cat Nero
Jang Hyunseung - I Just Can't Stop Loving You 
Dawn - Dawndididawn
Dreamcatcher - BOCA
Blackpink - How You Like That


Golden child - Wannabe
Onlyoneof - dOra marr 
Wayv - Bad Alive 
Victon - Howling
Chungha - Stay Tonight 
A.C.E - Goblin (Favorite Boys) 
Wonho - With you
Dreamcatcher - Scream 
Taemin - Heaven 
Kard - Gunshot


Taemin - Criminal
THE BOYZ - The Stealer
LOONA - Voice
BoA - Honey & Diamonds
Weeekly - T@g Me!
NCT U - Make a Wish
BoA - Better
Dreamcatcher - Scream
Itzy - Not Shy

Playlist of the songs mentioned on these lists

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