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Boy group OnlyOneOf delivered a message full of hope on New Year's Day.

On the 10th, OnlyOneOf dressed up in Hanbok and delivered a greeting saying "Happy New Year" through 8D Entertainment. They said, "I hope this will be the last holiday with Corona 19. Unfortunately, there are many families spending New Year's Day far away, but we hope it will be a New Year's Day that expresses each other's inner feelings better even if they can't meet in person."

Looking back at the past year, they said, "It was a year that we couldn't do much because of Corona 19, but because of that, it was a year when we felt the importance of ordinary daily life."

OnlyOneOf communicated with fans through various events in the aftermath of last year's Corona 19. While following the quarantine guidelines for keeping distance.  They were the first idol group to hold a drive-through fan meeting, which attracted attention, and obtained the modifier as a high-quality music group through collaboration with top producers such as Gray, Boycold, Cha Cha Malone, Groovy Room, Samuel Seo, and Jin-Ryeol Bae.

OnlyOneOf said, "It was a regrettable year when we couldn't show the stage in front of the fans, but we received too much love."

Finally, OnlyOneOf mentioned plans for future activities. They said, "As we have grown up, we want to show our music to more people with better songs and better performances." 

Source:  Reporter Gong Mina for StarNews 

On Febuary 11, OnlyOneOf released their first teaser photo with the title "instint" for their newest comeback. 


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