Eleven Women Rocking Korea's Band Scene

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate and highlight the contributions women have made to history, and today is International Women's Day. A perfect day to celebrate and highlight a few of the women rocking some Korean bands. Some are vocalists, some play instruments but all are talented and hard-working. 

1. Kiss from Vampire Hotel

Kiss is the band's vocalist as well as a tattoo artist. Below you can watch one of Vampire Hotel's live performances and you can check out their music on YouTube Music, iTunes, or Spotify. 

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2. Walking After U

Walking After U is a four-membered all-female band. Left to right they are Sunny (keyboard, vocals), Haein (lead vocals, guitar), A-Zzang (drums, vocals), Hangyum (bass, vocals). You can find Walking After U's music on Spotify, or iTunes. The band regularly uploads vlogs to their YouTube channel as well

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3. Lena and Jay of Lubless

Along with their guitarist Bongwoo, Lena (right) and Jay (left), make up their trio known as Lubless. You can find their music on your favorite streaming site, and check out their YouTube channel to see the member's vlogs. 

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Ji-a of Vincit

Jia is the vocalist and guitarist of the 4 membered band. Vincit also recently released a brand new song. Jia also plays guitar in Heavy Gauge. Vincit recently released a new song, "Wavy Flame". 

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Jina (center), Kongjin (back), and Jiwon (front, right) of Billy Carter

Billy Carter is an amazing band first started by Jiwon and Jina. They're unapologetically feminist and pro LGBTQ+. Last year the band worked on a collaborative album titled We, Do It Together curated by Kim Min-Jung to showcase women in Korean indie rock.

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It's impossible to cover all the amazing women in Korean bands, but part of the fun is digging in and seeing what you can discover and there's plenty to discover. In international coverage of Korean music, bands are often left behind with the little attention they get being focused on just a handful of acts; and of that handful of bands none have female members. As a result, one could spend their entire time in the K-Music fandom totally unaware of these talented women. This seems like a trivial issue, but it is reflective of a larger issue that Women's History Month hopes to shine a light on by elevating and focusing on women's history and contributions. 


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