[Translation / News] OnlyOneOf Releases Teaser for "libidO" + KB and Junji's Concerns

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Group OnlyOneOf presented a new milestone in masculine sexy beauty. On March 29th at 12am, the new album 'Instinct Part. 1' title song 'libidO' teaser video was released for the first time. Even in a short video of about 20 seconds, the song 'libidO', which repeatedly flows like a whisper with a strange tension, is impressive. Check out the teaser below. 

OnlyOneOf's unique sexy, delicate and protective instincts that stimulate the 'Pure Sexy' raise expectations. Since its inception, OnlyOneOf has been expanding its presence with its own music and colors without being bound by the K-pop formula. 

The theme of'Instinct' or the title of a title song like 'libidO' is also a new challenge. They are determined to show the artistry of OnlyOneOf more clearly by boldly touching the subject that is close to taboo. In addition, members KB and Nine showed their advanced musical capabilities by directly participating in the composition and arrangement of the title song 'libidO'. 

The agency 8D Entertainment said, 

Idol music has become a world of their own that consumes only limited fandom at some point, but the more they do, I think that they should provide a variety of messages and experimental music.

Meanwhile, OnlyOneOf's new album 'Instinct Part. 1' will be released on April 8th at 6pm. Prior to this, on March 29th, members KB and Junji appeared on the cable channel KBS JOY 'Ask Anything' to reveal their special concerns. For KB, he expressed how he experienced feeling low confidence at becoming an idol around the age of 30. Junji talked about his struggles with promoting with a hairstyle that covered most of his face. Check out clip from the show below. 


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