9 K-pop Songs to Brighten your Mood this Spring

Flowers are blooming, the snow is melting and the temperatures are finally moderate! However, we're still stuck in our houses so we've curated a Spring Playlist to help enjoy yourself at home! It's time to open your cupboards and start spring cleaning while listening to these relaxing K-pop songs.

Here are 9 songs to brighten up your spring!

Because it is Spring - Jessica
With love blossoming like flowers in spring, Jessica pours her feeling out with this soft ballad track. The piano and Jessica's vocals mix perfectly making "Because it is Spring" a beautiful way to start your Spring playlist!

Let's meet in Spring - Han All
With a promise to always find each other around springtime, Han All tugs at the listener's heartstrings. From writing to singing, Han All has taken part in making this track show off her outstanding skills as an artist. A cafe vibe song, thanks to its upbeat piano, "Let's meet in Spring" is an underrated spring gem!

One Spring Day - 2 AM
Expressing the pain of losing their lover, 2 AM reassure themselves. Moving out of their once shared home, 2 AM work towards erasing the memories related to their lover. Known for their exceptional vocal range, 2AM's "One Spring Day" will give you goosebumps!

What the spring? - 10 CM
A single's anthem! Tired of seeing people finding spring romantic and cuddling up,10 CM calls out couples in "What the spring?" From calling them fools in love to telling couples to stay away from him, 10 CM does everything to avoid love. An irony, isn't it? Because thanks to 10 CM's sweet voice, this track will actually make you want to fall in love!

Paint on Spring - Martin Smith
From vocals to instrumentals, Martin Smith's "Paint on Spring" never disappoints! A spring favourite among K-indie fans, "Paint on Spring" is an upbeat love track. Perfect for any romantic K-drama, the lyrics focus on the protagonist falling in love with the small thing their lover does.

Spring Love - Wendy x Eric Nam 
Truly collab we didn't know we needed! A beautiful love ballad, Wendy and Eric's harmonises make the song even better. You can easily imagine holding hands with your lover while listening to this song and walking near a riverbank! 

Spring Memories - N.Flying
A naive and cute take on the first steps of a relationship, N.Flying talk about wanting to bottle all the memories they have made. With many questions in their mind, N.Flying try to understand affection and awkwardness with this beautiful ballad!

Spring Again - Cao Lu, Kisum and Yerin
Sharing their love-hate relationship with Spring, Cao Lu, Kisum and Yerin rant about the season's meaning. While they love the flowers that make their heart flutter, their single status and pollen allergies make them want to just skip spring. A bittersweet ballad, the FIESTAR and GFRIEND members aren't able to make up their mind about the season.

End of Spring - ONEWE
A perfect way to end your Spring Playlist, ONEWE's "End of Spring" is lively and energetic that prepares you for summer! Comparing the end of spring to a relationship, they say that just like spring the relationship had both happy and sad memories but finally comes to end.

Which one of these songs blossomed in your heart? Let us know in the comments! (Image credits to respective owners.)


Abhi is a writer at KpopWise. After getting on the K-pop train in 2015, she absolutely loves discovering new groups and idols! But Stray Kids and Seventeen hold a special place in her heart.

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