Chart Resurgence: 5 K-pop songs that Blew Up!

Releasing in 2017, Rollin' is still one of the biggest hits of 2020! With the rise of social media and fancams, groups end up climbing the charts months, even years after their release, which makes them instantly popular. Here are 5 K-pop songs that resurged on music charts!

Rooftop - N.Flying

The biggest release in 2019, N.flying's "Rooftop" was a sleeper hit! Releasing in January, the song shot to the top of charts after an anonymous user posted their track on a Korean forum in March. This song gained widespread popularity, even earning N.Flying their first show win!

Me Gustas Tu - GFRIEND

The track that made GFRIEND blow up! The girl group gained mass attention after they maintained a professional face on a slippery stage while performing. Despite falling numerous times, the members never stopped performing. The public also found a love for "Me Gustas Tu" and it became the longest-charting song in the Melon Top 100 by an idol group in 2015!

Hello - NU'EST

From trainees to idols to trainees again, NU'EST faced a rough journey before becoming the successful idols they are today! Appearing on Produce 101, the members confessed that everyone, including their company, thought they were ruined. From there, everything changed for the better. NU'EST's songs started entering charts with "Hello," a sentimental ballad receiving a sudden spurt of love in Korea!

Shouldn't Have... - Baek A-Yeon ft. Young K

From Bugs to Melon and Genie, Baek A-Yeon's "Shouldn't Have..." charted on every major chart even though she had no plan to promote the song! With relatable lyrics telling a heartbreaking story of being led on, "Shouldn't Have..." captured listeners’ attention. After almost a month, the song gained the limelight and Baek A-Yeon decided to promote it!

Like it - Jong Shin Yoon

Releasing in 2017, "Like it" slowly climbed its way to numerous music charts months after its release. People fell in love with the song when it was performed on the TV show "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook!"  With sudden massive sales, "Like it" became the number one song on numerous charts! 

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