GreatGuys Releases Special Album 'Again' and MV for "Touch by Touch"


GreatGuys has returned with the special album Again along with the music video for "Touch by Touch." The album is meant to bring hope to everyone around the world. "Touch by Touch" is a cheerful disco-inspired song, that can definitely help one take their mind of the Covid blues. The song has both an English and Korean version. GreatGuys debuted in 2017 with the single "Last Men." Check out the music video below! 

Message about the Special album;

The special album (AGAIN) will be released on April 18, and at this time when the world is struggling with COVID-19 with the slogan "WE CAN GO BACK" it's an album that contains a message of hope with the wishes of the people around the world who want to work, meet, travel, and love again.

The title song 'TOUCH BY TOUCH' is a disco-based music that is different from the feelings that Great Guys have shown so far, and the drum rhythm full of hitting feelings and the warm vocals are impressive.

Rapper Dong-In of Great Guys participated in writing and composing the lyrics and melodies that were full of positive power, added to the musicality of Great Guys.

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