ORβIT Releases Their First Mini Album 「Enchant」

ORβIT Releases Their First Mini Album 「Enchant」

On April 21, ORβIT has returned with the release of their first mini album 「Enchant」 along  music videos for the tracks "Dionaea" and "Blind." ORβIT was created among popular Produce 101 Japan participants Tomo, Shunya, Yugo, June, as well as former Halo members and Produce 101 Japan participants Younghoon, Heecheo and Yoondong. 

ORβIT officially debuted November 2020 with a full album 「00」 with the title track "Universe." Due to some recent restrictions, the Korean members and Japanese members are often separated between countries, but they have managed to creatively connect with their fans together virtually. 

The music videos "Dionaea" features the Japanese members while the "Blind" music video features the Korean members. Check out the videos below! 

Dionaea M/V (Full version) 

[Members: Tomo, Shunya, Yugo and June]

"Blind" M/V (Full version) 

[Members: Heecheo, Younghoon and YoonDong]

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