K-POP Idols Covering VIXX Songs! Happy #VIXX9thAnniversary #9YearsLovingVIXX

K-POP Idols Covering VIXX Songs! Happy #VIXX9thAnniversary #9YearsLovingVIXX

This May 24th marks the 9th year anniversary of VIXX. Throughout VIXX’s career they released many iconic songs and choreography that people could not resist making their own cover versions, that includes other idols. To celebrate their anniversary today, we’ll take a look at some idols covering VIXX songs! Do you have a favorite cover of a VIXX song? Let us know in the comments. 

KNK “Error” 

ASTRO “Voodoo Doll” Pre-debut Lotte World Rising Star 

 “On and On” 

A.C.E “On and On” MCountdown Special Stage 

Boys24 Unit Green “On and On”


 P1Harmony “Shangri-La” for MNET’s Relay Dance Again 

 JiU and Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) “Shangri-La”

 Hwi (NewKidd) “Shangri-La”

Verivery “Shangri-La” Cover Performance video 

Under 19 (Survival Show) “Shangri-La” 

Chan, Woonggi (TO1) “Shangri-La” Mnet To Be World Klass Performance Video 

Hoyeon (NOIR) “Shangri-La”

Youngbin (SF9) “Shangri-La” Dance Cover Party


 "Chained Up"

“Chained Up” TWICE “Chained Up” on Weekly Idol 

Sojin (Nine Muses) "Chained Up" 

Gugudan "Chained Up" Cover Performance 

Yoon Hee Seok (P101 S2, Limitless) “Chained Up” evaluation performance

I-Land (Survival Show) "Chained Up" 

Youngbin (SF9) “Chained Up” Dance Cover Party

 “Love Equation”

 Like a Movie “Love Equation” 

 Junseong (GHOST9) Kim Mingyu “Love Equation”

Solo Songs 

 GWSN “Romanticism” by Leo (VIXX) at Fact in Star

Miya (GWSN) “Touch and Sketch” Leo (VIXX) at Fact in Star

Younghoon (Seven O’Clock) “The Late Regret” by Ken (VIXX)

Chan (A.C.E) “Boy with a Star” by Hyuk (VIXX) 

Various Idols (EXO, I-ZONE, Seventeen, Chungha, Jamie) “BUM” by RAVI ft. Chillin Homie & Kid Milli 

Hwanwoong (ONEUS) “BUM” by RAVI ft. Chillin Homie & Kid Milli

달님들 설을 호랑이가 지켜줄게요🐯 ##범챌린지 ##BUMchallenge ##라비선배님 ##사랑해요 ##원어스 ##환웅

Donghan and Yohan (Wei) “BUM” by RAVI ft. Chillin Homie & Kid Milli

🐯호랑이 큰 하니😎 따라하기에 실패한 🐰작은 하니😋의 범챌린지#위#아이 #W#Ei #I#DENTITY #C#HALLENGE ##동한 ##요한 #K#IMDONGHAN #K#IMYOHAN ##챌린지 #b#umchallenge ##비_범챌린지 ##랑이 ##끼 ##톡


This is no where near all the idol covers of VIXX songs, feel free to recommend more in the discussion. Stay tuned to KpopWise for more posts about your favorite idols and artists!


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