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W24 is an idol rock band that debuted in 2018 under J Army Entertainment. Soon after their debut, they won the Focus Award at the prestigious Asia Artist Awards. W24 has been consistently releasing addictive songs with the feeling of accessibility and relatability like "Love Me", "SOSIME", and "Joahaeyo."

Kpopwise was fortunate enough to have a chat with W24 amidst the band’s busy schedule.  

Hello W24, it is a pleasure to meet you. Can you introduce yourselves to Kpopwise readers?

Yes! Hello to all Kpopwise readers! We are W24, a band called World 24 Hours. We are a group made up of members: Yunsoo, the guitarist, Jonggil, the drummer, Aaron, the keyboardist, and Howon the vocalist. Our name is W24 or World 24 Hours because we want our music to be heard around the world for 24 hours.

Listen to “Once Upon a Time”

What inspired you to begin your musical journey?

We all thought the same thing when we came into the company. The objective and motive to making this band was to give positive energy to the world and we thought it was a very good goal to achieve together.

What does W24’s creative process consist of?

Well, first of all each member writes and composes his own music, and then we come together to rearrange the song. Sometimes we change the instruments, sometimes we change the melody, the lyrics, etc. We try to get together and solve every issue concerning music or anything else through communication and unity.

W24 seems really busy these days, what have you been up to?

We actually had a hectic month of May. We have released our new song “Once Upon a Time”, we had our online concert, we did busking, went to festivals and other concerts too. Lots of things happened and right now we are working on our new music as well as other contents. We actually have a self-made reality show we did, and every week we have a new episode. Please check us out on all our social media!

Check out W24’s self-made reality show Eat, Enjoy, Sing! below.

Who is the funniest these days?

We think everyone is funny these days. Each member has a different point where we might find it funny.

If you chose a member as your stylist for the week, who would it be?

Aaron! He has a really good sense of fashion, and he actually helps us choose our clothes with some of our schedules. We think that he will be able to dress anyone according to their tastes.

Do you have any other hobbies or non-music-related talents?

These days, all the members are actually into Netflix, so we’ve been watching a lot of dramas and movies. Jonggil actually has a teacher’s diploma so he can teach how to play the drums officially. Howon likes to play volleyball and used to be in the school team. Aaron has started to get a bit of interest in cooking.

What is something you want to learn?

Yunsoo wants to learn cooking these days. He thinks that a guy who knows how to cook is sexy. Also, all members want to learn different languages. Jonggil and Aaron really want to learn English and Howon wants to study French again. Howon would also like to learn how to play guitar well.

What message do you want to give to your fans?

First of all, thanks to Kpopwise for having us for this interview and we would like to thank all fans who have loved and supported us until now. We wish that through our music, we would keep giving good energy and support for them. Everyone is tired because of the pandemic so we wish that our songs will give our fans some energy to keep going on. Please look forward to all the new contents we will providing. Thank you very much! We Love you!

Anything else?

Don’t forget to subscribe, like, follow, all the different social media for W24! Thank you very much! Again, one more time, special thanks to Kpopwise!

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A very special thanks to W24 and J Army Entertainment for interviewing with us. We look forward to hearing more from W24 soon! 

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