Jjun Returns After 8 Years with a New Single "Like a Fairy Tale Story"

Jjun is back! Jjun singer known for his charismatic dance songs such as "Just Cry" and  "Way to Your Heart"  announces his own company Initial J and his first comeback in 8 years with the new single "Like a Fairy Tale Story." 

You can see another side of Jjun with ballad style music. In the future Jjun plays to continue music activites that combine dance music and ballads. Jjun wrote the lyrics to "Like a Fairy Tale Story" himself, the song expresses the first moment of meeting the person you love, the expectation of the future together and all the emotions expressed in a fairy tale with a happy ending. 

Jjun debuted in 2012 with the single album [Just Cry] produced by Brave Bros and his single album [Jubliante] was released in October 2013. 

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