Lee Jun Young, Jang Dong Ju, Nu'est JR, Yoon Ji Sung , and Kim Dong Hyun Confirmed for SBS Drama "I'll Be Your Knight" as a Flower Boy Band

The reported lineup for the cast of "I'll be Your Knight" is currently making fan's hearts race! On August 23 it was announced that Lee Jun Young (U-KISS), Jang Dong Ju, JR (NU'EST), Yoon Ji Sung, and Kim Dong Hyun (AB6IX) will be playing a world star idol band called LUNA. 

Lee Jun Young plays the lead role of Yoon Tae In, LUNA's leader, vocalist, and producer. Tae In has a bickering romance with Jung In Sun who becomes employed in the idol band's dorm under false pretenses to secretly treat a world star idol who has somnambulism. 

Jang Dong Ju will be playing LUNA's guitarist Seo Woo Yeon, who takes care of the members like a real leader and the anchor of the team. 

NU'EST's JR will play the role of LUNA's bassist Lee Shin, who seems to be indifferent on the outside, but someone who is willing to put everything on the line for love. 

Yoon Ji Sung is LUNA's drummer Kim Yoo Chan, the oldest member who feels like the youngest, he is a lonely person covered in scars. He is known to communicate with the fandom 'Moonlights' the most. 

Kim Dong Hyun of AB6IX will play LUNA's keyboardist Woo Ga On, the maknae member who beat out a competition of 10,000:1 to join the band two years ago at the age of 19. The gentle giant follows Tae In around like a puppy and has the nickname "Totally big and totally cute" and has the fittest body in the band. 

The drama is set to air in the second half of this year. 

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