Japan-Korea Collaboration Group NIK Confirms Debut Date

Japan-Korea Collaboration Group NIK Confirms Debut Date


A group photo of the 11-member male idol group NIK, a collaboration between Korea and Japan, has been released.

On the morning of the 17th, a group photo of 11 members was posted on NIK's official SNS. A total of 3 photos were uploaded, including a photo with a chic atmosphere with black-toned styling, a photo with a dreamy feeling under neon lighting, and a photo wearing casual jeans.

It is an 11-member male idol group formed through the Korea-Japan survival audition program 'G-EGG' last year and consists of Gunmin, Hyunsoo, Ryuta, Parkha, Fumiya, Gogun, Yunsol, Taichi, Hinata, Ryo, and Taehoon. The team name means 'that has never existed before (NEW), that inspires people's hearts (Inspire), and ignites emotions (Kindle)'.

According to the agency SVent, it is rumored that all of the members of NIK have excellent singing, rapping and performance through long training. NIK will release their debut album at 6 pm on the 27th and start activities on various music shows.


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