K-Pop Comebacks For The Week of September 19th to 25th

This week is set to be a big one in the world of K-pop, with new music releases coming from ultra-famous groups Itzy and BTS, soloists from groups such as Victon’s Hanse and Highlight’s Yang Yoseob coming out with new songs, and even a debut from up-and-coming girl group Beauty Box.

Let’s take a look at the highlights in K-pop music releases for the week commencing September 19th (KST).

September 20th

Highlight’s Yang Yoseob - “Brain”

September 22nd

OHMYGIRL - “Dun Dun Dance” (Japanese version)

September 23rd

Beauty Box - “Beyond of BB”

WJSN - “Let Me In”

The Rose’s Woosung - “Dimples”

September 24th

PLAY:MOON - “Brutal Tale : End of the DREAMTIME”

ITZY - “Loco”

Coldplay and BTS - “My Universe”

September 25th

PIXY - “Still with me”

Victon’s Hanse - “BLAZE”

Which comeback, release, or debut are you most excited for? Be sure to let us know by commenting on our socials!

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