MEGAMAX Debuts with The First Mini Album Painted ÷ LOVE: and Showcase

The group MEGAMAX made their official debut on September 8, 2021 with their first mini-album Painted ÷ LOVE:. The group consists of 6 members; Woojoo, Iden, Ha.el, Rohan, Kan, and Jaehun. 

They commemorated their debut with a special online showcase at the Eliena Hotel in Seoul on the 8th. 

In this showcase, MEGAMAX presented a refreshing and healing charm,  the choreography of the title song "Painted Love" with a soft dance line, and the cute choreography of the follow-up song. This album, which contains a total of 10 songs, was completed by Bullseye, Aiming Music, and Elephant Train, leaders in K-pop production.

The title song "Painted Love' is a medium pop genre song that expresses a strong love that is deeply engraved and is not easily forgotten. It is a sad but tender and sweet first love. It hurts my heart at times to love alone, but when I think about it, I express my first love, which makes me fall in love and can't get out of it, with a refreshing 'falsetto' song, adding to the atmosphere and refreshing beauty of MEGAMAX.

"Painted Love" Music Video

Kim Yeon-soo, CEO of Inmedia A&D, said,

 “MEGAMAX will do its best to become a great junior group that continues the genealogy of its seniors such as BTS, TOMORROW BY TOGETHER, EXO, SEVENTEEN, and BTOB. We will communicate with domestic and foreign fans through content.”

Meanwhile, member Woojoo will not participate in this showcase.

The agency said, "Woojoo needs a break for health reasons, and he will not attend scheduled events for the time being in consultation with the agency."

Check out the full showcase below! 

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