Monthly Roundup August 2021: FREE PASS, MELOMANCE, PRITTI G and David oh!

Monthly roundup is the time we take a look and listen at some releases from last month that we might have missed, as we got swept in the summer Kpop song wave. We try to present a variety of artists and songs to appear to different tastes or moods. If you hear a song that piques your interests, we encourage you to check out more from the artists and show them your support. Let's begin!

Free Pass

FREE PASS released their latest single "Summer Movie" on August 23. Check out the refreshing song and video below. 

FREE PASS - "Summer Movie" 



MeloMance is finally returned as a duo to release their single "Go Back" on August 29. 

MeloMance -  "Go Back" 



Girl group Pritti-G has debuted with the cute and catchy single "Hola" on August 31.   

Pritti G - "Hola" 


David Oh

David Oh released his English language single "Someone I Could Love" on August 23. 

Someone I Could Love - Audio

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