MU:CON 2021 Launches With A Massive 10th Anniversary Celebration

MU:CON 2021, a massive three-day lineup of K-pop and international musicians, has officially launced it’s tenth anniversary with a special opening concert called “MU:CON X The Celebration”, featuring some of the biggest names in the K-pop industry.

The nearly two-hour celebration show featured the following performances in order:

Younha - “Password 486”
Samuel Seo - “Pale Blue”
Samuel Seo - “Yeonhui-dong”
Brave Girls - “Rollin’”
Brave Girls - “Chi Mat Ba Ram”
CIX - “Wave”
CIX - “Cinema”
Soran - “Confession of Your Love”
Soran - “Our Journey”
Wonho - “Open Mind”
Wonho - “Blue”
Heize - “Happen”
Heize - “Why”
Pentagon - “Baby I Love You”
Pentagon - “DO or NOT”
LeeHi - “Red Lipstick”
LeeHi - “H.S.K.T.”
Monni - “Intro + LOVESound”
Monni - “Tried So Hard”
Younha - “Dark Cloud”
Jambinai - “Time of Extinction”
Jambinai - “They Keep Silence”
NCT Dream - “Hello Future”
NCT Dream - “Hot Sauce”

You can watch the full show below:

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