Soobin and Arin: Top 5 Memorable Music Bank MC Moments

KBS announced on Monday September 27th, that they have appointed new Music Bank MCs. As from October 8th, Enhypen Park Sunghoon and former Iz*One member Jang Won Young will be replacing Tomorrow by Together Soobin and Oh My Girl Arin as the new MCs.

To commemorate their time with us on Music Bank, here is a look back at some of the best moments from Soobin and Arin during their time as Akong MCs.

1. Their adorably awkward first meeting

Interactions between female and male kpop idols on camera are regrettably rare. Therefore, many kpop fans were fascinated when KBS offered their audience an unfiltered glimpse behind the scenes of Soobin and Arin`s first meeting. Both artists are known for their shy and introverted personalities which explains the awkward silences and nervous laughter that filled their first encounter. Nonetheless, the two showed great enthusiasm to be working together and were determined to leave their mark.

You can watch the full video here:

2. Their first performance together

To mark the beginning of their MC journey, artists usually prepare a special stage to introduce themselves to their new audience. Soobin and Arin prepared three performances: "Hawaiian Couple", "Run Away" and "Dolphin". Their performance of "Dolphin", original song by Oh My Girl, went viral on social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok and Youtube. It was the most viewed video on the KBS Youtube channel for the year 2020.

3. Winning Best Couple at the 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards

At the end of the year, about 6 months into their MC gig, the pair received the Best Couple award from KBS for their roles as Akong MCs on Music Bank. This was the first time both Soobin and Arin had received awards for work unrelated to their music careers. Many fans are hoping to see both of them take up acting roles in Kdramas in the future.

4. Their often hilarious interactions with other artists during the MC interviews

It became a popular joke that artists go to Music Bank to meet Soobin and Arin. The pair had vowed to try their best to make the atmosphere at Music Bank as comfortable and as lively as possible for their colleagues. This was an ambitious goal for a pair of introverts but they slowly grew into their roles. Even if you had not tuned into the live show, watching the interview clips uploaded to youtube afterwards was always worthwhile. Everyone, from Jessi and Super Junior D&E to groups like Mamamoo, Twice and many more seemed to be smitten with Arin and Soobin. It is almost impossible to pick a single moment so below are a few fan favourites:

5. The concepts of their outfits and styling every week

You can not discuss Soobin and Arin`s MC run without mentioning their visuals and outfits. Every week, without fail, their stylists and visual creative team adorned the pair in stunning outfits that complimented each other perfectly. They have worn everything from safari inspired outfits, Hanboks, royal themed to sports themed attire. The anticipation to see what they would wear was all part of the excitement of Music Bank Fridays. There are way too many to list so below is a link to a twitter thread that you can scroll through and decide which outfits are your favourites.

Akong MCs Soobin and Arin Outfits

Finally, it is sad to be saying farewell to MC Soobin and Arin after seeing them on our TV screens for over a year and two months. However, every ending presents a new beginning. It is rather exciting to look forward to what the future holds for these two bright stars. Their last broadcast will be this Friday 01 October at 5PM KST on KBS2.


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