Celebrating Twice’s 6th Anniversary With Their Most-Viewed Music Videos

Celebrating Twice’s 6th Anniversary With Their Most-Viewed Music Videos

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the globally famous girl group TWICE, who debuted under JYP Entertainment back in 2015.

To celebrate their sixth anniversary, we’ve taken a look at their most-viewed music videos on the JYP Entertainment YouTube channel.

TT - 605 million views

What is Love? - 577 million views

Likey - 539 million

Cheer Up - 463 million

Fancy - 461 million

Like Ooh-Ahh - 426 million

Heart Shaker - 394 million

Feel Special - 386 million

I Can’t Stop Me - 368 million

Yes or Yes - 329 million

Dance the Night Away - 306 million

Knock Knock - 291 million

More and More - 283 million

Signal - 283 million

Alcohol-Free - 182 million

With fifteen music videos having gained more than 100 million views each, they come to a combined almost six billion views.

Are you a fan of TWICE? What’s your favourite TWICE song? Be sure to let us know by commenting on our socials!

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