Chae Yeon to Release a New Album on October 18

Ciera Reeves


Singer Chae Yeon to release a new album. Chae Yeon's agency, Chai Entertainment, said on October 7. 

Chai Entertainment stated: 

Chae Yeon will make a comeback with her new album on the 18th. This album is a new album released by Chaeyeon, who has fascinated the public with her unrivaled dance performance, in about three years since 'Bazzaya' released in 2018. Please look forward to it a lot.

Recently, with the slew of  female solo singers such as IU, Sunmi, and Hyuna becoming more active in the music industry, Chae Yeon, who has been active as a 'legend diva', fans are curious about whether Chae Yeon will come back with an exciting dance song, her specialty, or whether she will challenge a new music genre. higher than ever.

Chae Yeon made her debut in 2003 with her 1st album 'It's My Time' and released a number of hit songs such as 'The two of us', 'Only you' and 'Shake'. She is also active in Korea, as well as in Asian countries such as China and Japan, drawing attention as the 'original Hallyu sexy icon'.

Chae Yeon can also be spotted in the teaser for singer/songwriter Chancellor's music video for the disco inspired "Midnight" set to release along with his self-titled 2nd full Album, Chancellor on October 13.


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