Rookie Boy Group ENHYPEN Come Back with “Tamed-Dashed”

One of the biggest rookie boy groups from 2020, ENHYPEN, have finally released their delayed album “DIMENSION : DILEMMA” for fans, with the title track “Tamed-Dashed”.

“DIMENSION : DILEMMA” was originally intended to be released last month, but the schedule was unfortunately pushed back after almost every member of the group found out they had been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Following their recoveries, HYBE organised for them to come back as soon as possible.

The title “Tamed-Dashed” refers to the dilemma between either being “tamed” by your desires or “dashing” from them.

The album also feature’s ENHYPEN’s labelmates TXT’s Yeonjun on their B-side track “Blockbuster”.

You can watch the music video of “Tamed-Dashed” below:

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