HYBE Announces the Release of Original Webtoons for BTS, TXT, and Enhypen

 On 4 November, HYBE held the HYBE Briefing with the Community, where they announced their plans to start releasing new original stories as a form of intellectual property.

The main idea behind HYBE's original story business is to expand their artist-based content from not only music, but also stories that can be flexibly applied to different types and formats of media.

These stories will be created and released in collaboration with the HYBE artists.

So far, four original stories have been announced that will be released as webtoons and web novels next year in collaboration with Naver Webtoon.

Here are the original stories:

BTS - "7Fates: CHAKHO"

HYBE's General Manager, Shawn Hwangbo, said that "7Fates: CHAKHO" is an urban fantasy genre set in a city of the near future.

It was inspired by the chakhogapsa, the Beom (tiger) hunters of the Joseon Dynasty.

"It is a story re-created by reinterpreting the stories of bears and Beom in mythology and the traditional Korean Beom tales with HYBE's own imagination."

The dynamic story will reveal how the seven men were bound by their own fate and what destiny has in store for them.

In the teaser, RM said:

"Beom (tiger) hunters to discover their tragic fate and to take revenge for losing their loved ones."

Jungkook introduced his character, saying:

"This character is put in an awkward situation where he has to catch Beom using the ability of a Beom but at the same time, he's not to be recognised as a Beom."

BTS' "7Fates: CHAKHO" will be serialised on Naver Webtoon's global platform starting on 15 January, 2022.


ENHYPEN'S "DARK MOON" is a high school romance story about vampire boys who meet a girl with a secret.

The young lives and friendship of the vampire boys, as well as the secrets that lie behind what is visible, will deviate from the usual high school romance genre and provide a novel kind of fun to the readers.

"DARK MOON" is divided into several series, with the first being "DARK MOON: The Blood Altar".

ENHYPEN's "DARK MOON" will be serialised on Naver Webtoon's global platform starting on 16 January, 2022.


TXT'S "THE STAR SEEKERS" is a fantasy tale about K-pop idol boys who live in a world where magic and reality coexist.

Together, they fight against the secret surrounding the downfall of the world.

Fantastical elements such as imaginary animals and magical performances will be mixed with stories about the entertainment world.

TXT's "THE STAR SEEKERS" will be serialised on Naver Webtoon's global platform on 17 January, 2022.

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