Keystone Entertainment to Debut a 9 Member Boy Group in 2022

Keystone Entertainment opened the prelude to the launch of a large global boy group. On the 27th, Keystone Entertainment announced, "We will launch the 9-member boy group Keystone Boys (tentative name) in the music industry in the first half of 2022." 

In addition, on the 25th, through the official SNS, Keystone Boys' second member Kim Tae-woo's Christmas carol cover video 'Because it's Christmas' was released, drawing attention. Kim Tae-woo is a member of the boy group 1THE9, which was created through the MBC audition program Under Nineteen. Earlier, Keystone Entertainment revealed the first member of Keystone boys,  Lee Young-bin, a former member of the Mnet audition program I-Land, as the first member. 

Subsequently, the debut promotion timetable images were posted one after another, stimulating the curiosity of K-pop fans at home and abroad. According to the timetable, Keystone Boys will sequentially present the final debut member, group name, team logo, unit, and complete photo for about two months from January to early March. After that, it is expected to show the charm of Keystone Boys through a reality show. 

Currently, Keystone Boys' final group name has been revealed to contain the letters 'BL', and curiosity is growing as to what name they will face with their fans. Choi Seong-muk, CEO of Keystone Entertainment, said, 

“Keystone Boys is a nine-member boy group composed of a new face that has not yet been revealed to the world, including Lee Young-bin and Kim Tae-woo, who have appeared in audition programs and debuted in the domestic music industry, as well as members from Japan and China. We ask for a lot of interest in the nine members who will be reborn as 'fan-sympathetic snipers'."

On the other hand, Keystone Entertainment is a K-pop agency that will lead the new Hallyu craze made up of experts from all walks of life. In particular,  Choi Seong-muk, CEO of Keystone Entertainment, received attention for leading the globalization of K-content through numerous broadcasts and concerts over the past 20 years. 

Recently, they signed a business agreement with Shin Ansan University and co-hosted an open audition for new artists based on ‘K-Culture Convergence Contents.’ 


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