MYNAME's Chaejin Joins PLVL Entertainment and Changes Name to Do I Hyeon

MYNAME's Chaejin Joins PLVL Entertainment and Changes Name to Do I Hyeon


On December 22, it was announced that Chaejin of MYNAME has joined PLVL Entertainment. Additionally, he will be going by the name Do I Hyeon (도이현) from now on for his acting activities. 

Chaejin was previously under H2 Media from 2011 - 2019 and debuted in MYNAME in 2011 with the single "Message." He was active in the group in both Korea and Japan as a singer appearing on the Oricon chart. He enlisted in the military in July 2020 and recently completed his service in 2021. 

Statement from PLVL official 

"I am delighted to be able to work with actor Do I Hyeon," and "I have high expectations in that he is an actor with infinite possibilities with many more to show in the future. "I will support you both physically and mentally so that I can face new changes and leaps for actor Do I Hyeon, who is talented in various fields."

Comment from Do I Hyeon

"I look forward to a new start as an actor," and said, "I will show you more diverse sides through my relationship with PLVL Entertainment, and I will greet you with good acting."




We look forward to I Hyeon's next projects as an actor.

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