T-ara "Hi Queens" Fan Party Recap

The 2nd generation chameleon queens T-ara are back! On November 21, the four active members of T-ara, Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon greeted their fans at the "Hi Queens" Fan Party. 

A Long Time Coming 

The fan meeting was held both live in front of fans, adhering to Covid-19 regulations, and online streaming for fans all around the world who could not attend in person. There were a couple of tiers for the online tickets that were available through Interpark. You could only watch the concert if you choose, or add the option to take an online photo with the members and watch the rehearsal. 

T-ara celebrated their 12th anniversary on July 29 and on November 15, the group made a comeback after four years with the single album TIKI TAKA. The single includes two tracks "All Kill" and the title "Tiki Taka." Although the members of T-ara were busy with their individual schedules, they managed and funded the comeback themselves as a way to pay back fans who faithfully show their love and support for them. 

Their journey is documented in their reality shows on Dingo Music and ACL Studio showing how they crafted the concepts and the music. T-ara worked with producers who created hits for them in the past. The results are a familiar yet as fresh as ever sound in "All Kill," and a sound is a mixture of all the of the past sounds, yet with a bold somber shift for "Tiki Taka." 

If you're a 2nd generation Kpop fan then, no explanation is needed to understand the influence the group had on the Kpop industry, and if you don't agree, argue with your mother, not with me. Debuting in 2009, they worked their way up over the years with a variety of concepts from cutesy, to retro, emotional, and girl crush. 

Just Like the Old Days

T-ara kicked off the fan party with performances of some of their hit songs, dressed in beautiful, sparkling outfits and Hyomin's white heels that will make you suddenly afraid of heights. The wardrobe reminded me of how girl groups have it better these days as the trend is to wear flatter boots. The 2nd generation girls were stiletto-wearing soldiers indeed. 

The ladies started with "Number 9" (2013) and followed up with "Sexy Love" (2012). The four members covered the songs flawlessly so that the absence of former members was not felt. The group paused for a quick introduction starting from the oldest T-ara's leader Qri. They and expressed how much they missed the fans. Eunjung mentioned that the live comments were calling them pretty -- an undeniable fact. They then performed "BoPeep BoPeep" (2009)

What Have T-ara Been Up To? 

A self-filmed intermission video was shown of how the members were preparing for the fan party, starting with Eunjung who showed her flawless bare face as she prepared to retire to bed. She worked hard to prepare for the fan meeting and her upcoming drama "Love Twist."

A 12th-anniversary cake was brought out, then the girls put on paper crowns and posed for photos. 

They took a seat and reviewed some photos they took while hard at work preparing for the comeback. The photos included scenes of the girls riding in Jiyeon's car, getting their hair done, a food truck with tteokkokki and churros prepared by Hyomin for the staff, and dance practices. 

Next is the trivia game section where a short clip of a song was played and they guessed the answers. A mini chair stacking game that was supposed to prove their teamwork ended chaotically as expected. 

They changed into sleek black outfits and performed "Tiki Taka" for the first time in front of an audience. The stage version shows the complex choreography that the ladies worked hard to prepare, which you would not see in the music video. 

After the performance, they read comments and explained that even though it was difficult to get the timing right because they are all in different agencies, it was still fun to work on. 

They followed up with a ballad to express their hearts to their fans called "2009729" (2017) from their 13th mini-album What's My Name?. When they turned around, they were surprised by written messages from the fans. 

Fans From All Around the World 

They took a short break to interact with the live audience, they found out that even fans from Japan, China, and France had come to see the fan party live. 

T-ara went into the next set of their performances, starting with "Crazy Because of You" (2010)

Impressively manage to do the shuffling dance choreography to "Lovey Dovey" (2012) in heeled boots. 

When T-ara said they were going to do the fan party, staff members who helped them in the past came to help them.

Goodbye is Not Forever 

They said their goodbyes one by one and said that it felt so short even though the rehearsals felt long. They said they wanted to release an album before the first snow, which they successfully achieved. They said that they would see the fans again next year. They'll try to come back as soon as possible so that the fans won't have to wait as long as they did this time. 

For the last stage, they said it's a song that represents them and that Queens would know it. Then T-ara performed "Roly Poly" (2011)

One final intermission video played of the ladies recording the songs for the Tiki Taka album and practicing for the fan party. 

To the delight of the fans demanding an encore, especially those who were worried that they would not perform "All Kill" (2021). Concluding the fan party T-ara came back out dressed in western cowboy-themed outfits to perform the song with standing mics. 

Hopefully, we will get to see T-ara again soon with a new album! 

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