Band Class #2: Meet HIPE

Band Class is a brand new series on KpopWise where we hope to showcase various Korean bands which often go overlooked in international coverage of Korean music. Last week we covered a trio called Vital Degree and this week class is back in session with HIPE

HIPE is Park Jisung's project band which debuted in 2020 with Le Temps a four track EP and a little over a year later in May 2021 HIPE released a full length album When The Lights Go Out

99% Live Clip

Formerly, Jisung was the guitarist and vocalist of Unionpub and now puts on one man shows as HIPE using a loop station and an MPC. He says HIPE's sound is influenced by the bands My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. According to Jisung HIPE's strength is the ability to create a dreamy atmosphere and says the band is currently preparing for a new single. 

If you're wondering how HIPE got its name, Jisung explains 


"Band name was taken from the band name ‘the hype’ in Japanese comic book called "Beck". The front and rear spelling of ‘hi’gh ho’pe’ was combined and named it “HIPE.”"


Follow HIPE and Jisung: 

Instagram (HIPE)
Instagram (Jisung)


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