GreatGuys Unveils Their "We're Not Alone" South American Tour

GreatGuys Unveils Their "We're Not Alone" South American Tour

Group GreatGuys are set to embark on their "We're Not Alone" tour beginning in February 2022. Although the Los Angeles location has been cancelled due to restrictions, it looks like GreatGuys will be able to keep their promise to greet fans globally with a tour in Mexico, Columbia and Dominican Republic! 

The tour dates and locations include: 

Feb. 25 Mexico, COMX
Feb. 26 Mexico COMX, CINEMEX 
Feb. 27 Mexico COMX, CINEMEX 
Mar. 03 Mexico MERIDA, CINEMEX
Mar. 04 Mexico MERIDA, CINEMEX
Mar. 06 Columbia 
Mar. 12  Dominican Republic 

To learn more about the tour and ticketing information check out (in Spanish)

Additionally, GreatGuys teased what can be expected on the tour including a cover of the song 'Reggaeton Lento' by group Latin American boy group CNCO. Check it out! 

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