Monthly Roundup December 2021: LØGIN, Bigflo's Sungmin, Kuonechan, The Man BLK and BF


The month of December is heavily dominated by Christmas and winter-themed tracks, but there were still releases that did not fall into that category. Many notable releases included songs  ONF, ATEEZ, Gsoul, T1419,  NCT's 3rd full album, and Xdinary Heroes' debut. Now to mention a few releases that might have sledded past you in the holiday shuffle.

On December 2, LØGIN released his first single album, "NANIBAMI.'' The music video is reminiscent of survival horror movies as it uniquely illustrates the lyrics about struggling with the memories of an ex-lover. 

LØGIN stated on the release of the album, 

First of all, I would like to thank those who helped me a lot in many ways, and I am grateful for always welcoming me with a smile and cheering me on every time. This album is my personal favorite, so I've been taking time and effort for a long time. It takes too many people to discuss with many people involved and make a straight shape made of worries and agony, and you can only see me in front of you, but behind me, there are many people who have worked hard and deliberated for this album. If it weren't for them, I don't think I'd have what I am today. Thank you so much for working hard for this album. I'm just happy to show you better videos and images, and thank you for always taking care of me, and for allowing me to smile. We'll be "LØGIN" grows to show you better things!

LØGIN debuted as a member of Seven O'Clock in 2017 and appeared on the survival show MIX NINE and was voted as a member of the final line-up. Check out his solo debut music video for "NANIBAMI" below. 

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December 5, indie artist Kuonechan released his single "Expression." The song is an easy listening soft tempo disco track produced by Ku One Chan himself. 

"I made this song because I don't think I can explain all my feelings even by saying I love you."

The music shows a lovely exchange between a man and a postal worker. Check it out below. 

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On December 21, Sungmin of BIGFLO made his solo debut with the song "Lean on Me." Sungmin debuted in 2012 in the boy group A-BLE and then joined BIGFLO in 2017. Sungmin was discharged from the military around the third quarter of 2021 and now has greeted his fans with his solo work. Sungmin wrote and produced the song himself making the song more special. Check out the music video below. 

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BF, formerly known as BOYFRIEND delighted their fandom BESTFRIEND with the release of their first mini-album since departing Starship Entertainment in 2018, "Adonis." BF debuted in 2011 and celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2021. 

Check out the music video here! 

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In December boy group The Man BLK unceremoniously released three mini-albums. Kpop fans have a good reason to have let these albums slip under the radio since there was zero promotion of them, as none of Stardium's social channels have been updated in over a year. Fortunately, the albums were found on music sites. Each mini-album has four tracks. The Man BLK's third mini-album "Love Taste" was released on December 10. The fourth mini-album "Find Again" was released on December 17 and the fifth mini-album "Shadow" was released on December 31. The group's concept is that all of the members are active as actors, so it is good that they also still create music. 

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