K-Pop Comebacks for the Week of January 2nd to 8th

Ford Carter

As the new year starts up, we take a look at the upcoming K-pop releases for the first week of 2022.

A huge thanks to everyone for their patience over the December 2021 holiday period. Following the success of the weekly K-pop comebacks article during the second half of 2021, we plan to continue this into 2022, starting once again this week!


Monday, 3 January

Girls On Top - "Step Back"

Kep1er - "WA DA DA"

Up10tion - "I was crazy to you"


Hyunjun Hur - "Let Me Drown"

P1Harmony - "Do It Like This"

Seventeen's Woozi - "Ruby"

Tuesday, 4 January

Woo!ah! - "Catch the Stars"

ONEWE - "Universe"

Wednesday, 5 January

H1-KEY - "Athletic Girl"

Trendz - "TNT (Truth & Trust)"


WJSN CHOCOME - "Super Yuppers!"

Thursday, 6 January

AleXa - "Tattoo"

Friday, 7 January

BZ BOYS - "Find You"

Eric Nam - "There and Back Again"

Which comeback, release, or debut are you most excited for this week? Be sure to let us know by commenting on our socials @KpopWise!

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