A Compilation of High-Quality Idol-Created ASMR Videos

Maede Sebtenabi

Making ASMR has become quite popular in Kpop entertainment shows. Some of these videos are for entertainment purposes only. You don't want to be jolted awake by the banging of an object against the microphone or a wheezing high-pitched laugh that can cut the mic in half, let alone your brain. If you are a Kpop fan and an ASMR enthusiast, relaxing or falling asleep to the voice of your favorite artist sounds heavenly. In this article, you can find six ASMR programs made by your favorite idols that are safe to watch while relaxing or falling asleep.


Soy ASMR is one of the most popular YouTube ASMR channels of all time that sometimes hosts idol groups. ATEEZ is one of the groups that has appeared on this channel. A fun fact is that Seonghwa, the eldest member of ATEEZ, has been listening to Soy ASMR since his trainee days. In this collab video, Soy teaches Seonghwa and Wooyoung how to make ASMR. Unlike Seonghwa who is already familiar with ASMR, Wooyoung is a complete beginner. So whether you are an ASMR fan or still new to it, this video has something to offer you. You can find the video here


STAY FM is an ASMR series made by Felix of Stray Kids. He is probably one of the best at making ASMR among all the idols. He knows what ASMR is all about and gets the vibe. The microphone does wonders to his beautiful deep voice. A bonus point is that he speaks in both Korean and English, so you can just lay back and close your eyes without having to worry about subtitles. Here is the link to STAY FM:


This series is done by Pentagon's Changgu and contains some of the best quality ASMR videos out there. If someone who is not already familiar with Changgu watches these videos, they would probably think that he is a professional ASMR artist. That's how good his videos are. Here you can find the link to YEOONE ASMR: 

Fromis_9 Jisun 

Fromis_9 has an ASMR series that gets updated regularly. Even those who are not into Kpop love Jisun's ASMR videos and frequently recommend them on social media. A wide variety of triggers or sounds are created in these videos, so the content matches almost everyone's taste. Here you can find her ASMR series: 


Jeno is also one of the idols who creates insanely good ASMR. He has a whole playlist of 12 ASMR videos on the NCT DAILY YouTube channel. Although the videos haven't been updated for almost two years, many fans still listen to them, believing they never get old. If you are interested, here is the link to J💚SMR:

Tingle Interview (M2)

This is a program hosted by M2. In each episode, Tingle Interview hosts idols who make ASMR and answer fun questions. Kpop Groups like TXT, ATEEZ, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, VICTON, Monsta X, and many more have been invited to this program. Heads up, though: you know the personalities of the groups you stan. If a particularly loud person shows up in one of the episodes, mind the volume of the video. To watch the program, You can either search the hashtag #TingleInterview on YouTube or use the link below:

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. If you want to see more Kpop ASMR content, stick with @KpopWise for more articles.

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