Legendary Vocal Group Big Mama Releases New Full Album 'Born' After 12 Years

Big Mama (빅마마) has returned as a complete group (Park Min-hye, Shin Yuna, Lee Young-hyun, Lee Ji-young) after 9 years, on February 10 with the title song 'Like Nothing Happened' of their 6th studio album 'Born'.

'Like Nothing Happened' is a song that depicts emotions that can't shake off the sadness of parting even if you pretend nothing's wrong. In June of last year, Big Mama, who made a comeback with her new song 'One More Day' for the first time in 9 years, and revealed the dignity of the legendary group, this time returned with 'Pretend it's Nothing' to show the essence of separation.

The melody that starts with Park Min-hye's cool high notes and continues to the climax is impressive. Lee Young-hyun's powerful singing ability, Lee Ji-young's heavy yet rich harmony, and Shin Yuna's soft sensibility combine to captivate the ears. In particular, Big Mama announced the return of the legend with a more mature emotional expression and overwhelming harmony through 'Like Nothing Happened'. As they are still considered as the best vocal group, they plan to prove their unchanging skills through this new song with a unique class.

The lyrics are honest about your longing for the lover you lost, such as ‘I think I love you enough to hate you/I’m only looking at you all day’, ‘I think you can live as if nothing’s wrong/I think I’ll die even if I pretend nothing’ The desperately expressed lyrics are impressive.

This album is the first in 12 years since the 5th regular album '5' which was released in 2010. Big Mama, who enjoyed great popularity in the 2000s with the outstanding singing ability of all members, continued to be loved by hits such as 'Resignation' and 'Yeon'. However, they actually disbanded after the release of their 5th album '5', which featured 'Wait Crazy' as the title song in 2010.

However, Big Mama recently signed a contract with Kakao Entertainment and reunited with the original members with the 6th regular album, and released the single 'One More Day' last year, proving their class as they continued to top the major music charts.

This activity is also an album that talks about the origins of Big Mama, as the album name suggests. The members from different agencies are returning as a whole after 9 years, revealing their determination and confidence to show the original color of the group that they have only. Big Mama will once again show off the musical talent it has accumulated over the years.

This album includes the title song 'Like Nothing Happened', 'Starry Night', 'Love Only Me', 'Breath', 'And you?', 'The Joy of Living With Me', 'Diary', 'Star', 'One more day', 'Thanks To.. (2022 Ver.)', and 'Pretend nothing's wrong (Inst.)' are included. Among them, each of the members' solo songs 'And you?', 'The Joy of Living as Me', 'Diary', and 'Star' were written and composed by Shin Yuna, Lee Ji-young, Lee Young-hyun, and Park Min-hye themselves. They directly participated and completed a colorful album where you can feel deep musicality and different personalities.

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