Five Things You Need to Know About TREASURE's Upcoming Music Video Before Tomorrow's Comeback

Tomorrow will mark as massive 400 days since YG's rookie boy group TREASURE last had a release. However, they'll also be breaking this hiatus as they release their upcoming and much-anticipated mini-album "The Second Step: Chapter One" with the title track "Jikjin".

But, before "Jikjin" comes out at 6:00 p.m. KST tomorrow, here are a few things you need to know about the music video ahead of time.

Number one: It's TREASURE's most expensive music video to date

That's right. Not only is the "Jikjin" music video the most expensive TREASURE music video to date, it cost an absolute whopping 500,000,000 million won (almost $500,000) to make.

And it isn't just the cost shocking fans, but the fact that this is the budget apparently set aside for established big name groups like BLACKPINK. Rookie groups aren't usually afforded such lavish production costs.

Number two: The music video was directed by a former Mnet Asian Music Awards director

"Jikjin" has a music video which was directed by the legendary Lee Sang Yoon, who used to work as a producing direction for Mnet, and is responsible for some of the award shows biggest performances.

Lee Sang Yoon now works as an in-house chief producer for YG Entertainment, and worked on the incredibly popular performance video for BLACKPINK's Lisa's "MONEY".

Number three: YG has high hopes for TREASURE's new comeback

A rookie group would never be afforded such a lavish budget for a music video if their entertainment company didn't believe in them. And YG Entertainment is doing just that.

The investment comes as YG Entertainment hopes the group will be able to grab more traction both domestically and internationally. TREASURE, which still doesn't have a music video win eighteen months on from their debut (a rarity for the groups coming from established "Big Three" entertainment companies), is hoping to get one this time around. Their previous attempts are believed to have been hampered by poorly-timed comebacks clashing with bigger and more established groups.

Number four: "Jikjin" is the beginning of a new content production strategy by YG Entertainment

Following news about the massive budget and the producing director being used for the "Jikjin" music video, YG Entertainment released a statement where they explained a little more:

"As the number of our agency's artists and the amount of content they produce continue to grow, we decided that we needed to create a faster and more efficient system."

"In addition to continuing to work with famous directors outside the company, we plan to continuously upgrade the diversity of our projects through an internal content production system."

"For the 'JIKJIN' music video, to match the song's lyrics that awaken the instinct to race ahead at full speed, we mobilized super cars worth hundreds of millions of won."

"We are doing our utmost up until the very end to increase the quality of the music video."

Number five: It comes out tomorrow

TREASURE's new album, "The Second Step: Chapter One", and their new music video, "Jikjin", come out at 6:00 p.m. KST tomorrow!

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