The Top 10 Highest Scoring Wins on "The Show"

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Since first going to air back in April, 2011, SBS MTV's "The Show" has aired 286 episodes, with hundreds of groups performing thousands upon thousands of performances.

Here's a quick recap of how their current scoring system works:

  • Broadcast - 15% (1,500 points)
  • Digital - 40% (4,000 points)
  • Physical - 10% (1,000 points)
  • SNS - 20% (2,000 points)
  • Pre-vote - 5% (500 points)
  • Live vote - 10% (1,000 points)

In order to be eligible to win "The Show", artists must be present on the day and have performed.

Today, we take a look at the highest-scoring performances on "The Show" of all time.

=10th: SHINee - "Good Evening" (9,630 points)

To open up our list of the top ten highest scoring performances on "The Show" is SHINee's "Good Evening", which places in equal tenth.

This was the only win "Good Evening" received, but marked SHINee's 57th music show win.

Their performance on the program on 5 June, 2018, received a total of 9,630 points.

=10th: GFriend - "Time for the Moon Night" (9,630 points)

Also coming equal tenth for the highest scoring performances on "The Show" is GFriend's "Time for the Moon Night", which also received 9,630 points.

The win was just the first of ten music show wins the song would receive, and marked the group's 38th win overall.

This win came from their performance on 8 May, 2018, during which they also performed "Love Bug".

9th: Iz*One - "Violeta" (9,646 points)

Coming in at number nine is "Produce 48" group Iz*One's "Violeta".

"Violeta"s win on "The Show" was the first win the song got, and marked Iz*One's fourth music show win overall.

The group won "The Show" with a total of 9,646 points during their 9 April, 2019 attendance of the program.

=7th: Apink - "Dilemma" (9,700 points)

The most recent performance in this list comes from Apink's currently promoting single "Dilemma".

In last week's episode (22 February, 2022), the song received a total of 9,700 points.

The win is the song's first, and Apink's most recent, and marks the group's 53rd music show win overall.

=7th: Mamamoo - "Starry Night" (9,700 points)

Mamamoo's "Starry Night" is another of the equal seventh highest scoring "The Show" performances.

Their winning performance of "Starry Night" on "The Show" was the song's seventh win, and marked Mamamoo's 24th music show win.

After performing on 20 March, 2018, they received a total of 9,700 points.

6th: GFriend - "Summer Rain" (9,750 points)

GFriend returns to the list for a second time, this time with their September, 2017 performance of smash hit "Summer Rain".

Their win on "The Show" marked the first win for "Summer Rain" and GFriend's 36th win.

Only narrowly missing out on a perfect score, the performance still earned a respectable 9,750 points for the group.

5th: VIXX - "Error" (9,850 points)

Was there an error in the scoring during this October, 2014 episode of "The Show"? Not for VIXX fans, unless you count the fact that they were only 150 points short of getting the program's first ever perfect score.

This performance marked VIXX's third win with the song "Error", and their sixth win overall.

=1st: Wanna One - "Spring Breeze" (10,000 points)

Wanna One debuts on this top ten list as one of the four-way tied first place performances.

This was the first win for "Spring Breeze", which was the last Wanna One song to receive a win, and also marked Wanna One's 43rd music show win.

Achieving the perfect score of 10,000 points on "The Show" was Wanna One's performance of "Spring Breeze" on 27 November, 2018.

=1st: Wanna One - "Light" (10,000 points)

Wanna One is back on the list again with their second perfect score on "The Show". This one, for their song "Light", was achieved on 12 June, 2018.

This was the first win for "Light", and Wanna One's 36th music show win overall.

=1st: Wanna One - "Boomerang" (10,000 points)

Wanna One is back like a boomerang, this time with their third perfect score. It was the first of their three perfect scores in the same year on the same show.

This performance of "Boomerang" was actually the the song's fifth music show win, and marked Wanna One's 30th music show win.

"Boomerang" received a perfect 10,000-point score on the episode of "The Show" airing 3 April, 2018.

=1st: BTS - "DNA" (10,000 points)

Back in September of 2017, BTS was the first artist to ever achieve a perfect 10,000-point score on "The Show".

This perfect score marks one of only five BTS wins on the program.

The performance was the first win for "DNA" (which would be followed by nine more), and was the group's 20th music show win overall.

What do you think of the ten highest-scoring performances on SBS MTV's "The Show"? Let us know by commenting on our socials @KpopWise.

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