AleXa Will Compete in the First Qualifying Round of the American Song Contest With "Wonderland"

It's been some of the biggest news in the K-pop bubble over the last few weeks - soloist AleXa is taking to the American Song Contest stage to compete against fifty-five other acts for the title of Best Original Song.

Since the news broke that AleXa would be one of the competitors the singer has released a teaser video for the song that insinuates that the song and performance fits into her overarching plot.

Her song, "Wonderland", was also revealed to be competing in the very first qualifying round this coming Monday evening (Tuesday for most of the rest of the world).

So, who is AleXa competing against in the first show? Check out the full lineup below:

  • Arkansas - Kelsey Lamb - "Never Like This"
  • Connecticut - Michael Bolton - "Beautiful World"
  • Indiana - UG skywalkin - "Love In My City" (feat. Maxie)
  • Iowa - Alisabeth Von Presley - "Wonder"
  • Minnesota - Yam Haus - "Ready To Go"
  • Mississippi - Keyone Starr - "Fire"
  • Oklahoma - AleXa - "Wonderland"
  • Puerto Rico - Christian Pagan - "Loko"
  • Rhode Island - Hueston - "Held On Too Long"
  • Wisconsin - Jake'O - "Feel Your Love"
  • Wyoming - Ryan Charles - "New Boot Goofin'"

You can check out teaser clips of all eleven performances here.

Are you excited to see AleXa competing on the American Song Contest stage? Will you be voting for "Wonderland"? Let us know by commenting on our socials @KpopWise.

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