Band Class #6: Xdinary Heroes

Standing, L - R: Gunil, Junhan,, Jooyeon. Kneeling L-R: Jungsu, Gaon

Welcome back to Band Class. If you've been a Korean music fan for any length of time, you'll know it's often hard for bands to make an impression on international fans. I hope to do a small part to make it a bit easier for you to find your new favorite band. 

Last time we met we talked about TRAP, a post-grunge quartet from Korea. After a rather long break, we're back to meet Xdinary Heroes, JYP Entertainment's newest band. Although Xdinary Heroes is a bit of a shift from what Band Class normally does, I think you'll enjoy getting to know these guys.

Xdinary Heroes debuted last year with their single, Happy Death Day, which I have been obsessed with the song since I heard it. Xdinary Heroes' fans are currently celebrating 100 days since the band's debut, which seems like an excellent time to get to know the band.

Meet the Band: 

Leader, drumer
July 24, 1998
Gunil is Xdinary Heroes' leader and drummer. He's got a lovely unique laugh and seems to love what you might call dad jokes. If you're a JYP Ent fan, or just a Stay (fan of JYP's boy group Stray Kids), you should see him dance to Stray Kids' God's Menu. Gunil also has a beautiful voice you can hear in the band's covers. 

Keyboard, main vocalist, lead rapper
June 26, 2001
Jungsu originally joined JYP in the hopes of being in an idol group, not a band. He said at his audition for JYP had to sing around six songs and show his freestyle dance skills although he hadn't prepared for dancing because his goal was to be a singer. He played piano as a child and began to play the keyboard to debut with Xdinary Heroes.

Guitar, lead rapper, vocalist
January 14, 2002
Gaon is a talented musician, but his talents don't end there; they also include beatboxing and excellent facial expressions. Before debuting, Gaon was a subscriber to Gunil's Youtube channel and said meeting Gunil was like meeting a celebrity.
June 11, 2002
Synthesizer, main rapper, vocalist also joined JYP intending to be in an idol group, not a band. loves fashion and said at one point, he considered being a model. He also is Jooyeon's unofficial alarm clock and tries his best to wake up the guitarist in the morning.

Guitarist, vocalist
August 18, 2002
Junhan is the band's resident introvert and prefers to spend time alone, even eating by himself, although the members seem eager to become close with him. He's only been in the company for six months, according to the band's series Xdinary Heroes BEGINS. 

Bassist, main vocalist, rapper, maknae
September 12, 2002
Jooyeon is the band's happy virus, as they say. He's constantly laughing and smiling and is reportedly hard to wake up in the morning. According to Gaon on his first day at the company, Jooyeon pulled him into his rooms and showed Gaon videos of himself. Jooyeon described himself as very confident and says he knew he'd pass his audition for JYP

We at KpopWise wish Xdinary Heroes and their fans a very happy 100 days, and hope you have many more days together. If your interest in the band has been piqued make sure to follow them on social media, and check out their content on their Youtube channel. 

Until Band Class, have fun with Xdinary Heroes! 

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