CRAVITY Answers Fans' Questions and More in Audacy Check In Interview

CRAVITY recently came back with the 2nd part of their 1st album Liberty in our Cosmos

[1:22] — What they do before going on stage.

“Before big meetings, big stages, where the fans are in front of us, Hyeongjun always cries…We haven’t had many opportunities to actually meet our fans in person, so it’s really touching and emotional for us before we go on stage, because we know they’re out there sitting in the audience.”

[2:56] — Which member would play a villain role in a movie: Wonjin.

“None of us are good at acting…I think Wonjin, because he was an actor when he was a child…If I’m a villain, I’m definitely going to be a boss.” 

[3:42] — 2022 bucket list: Upcoming CRAVITY concert next month and wanting to do a world tour. 

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[7:31] — What gives them adrenaline.

“When we perform in front of an audience. The very first song. The lights come on. I get a rush. It’s a really exciting moment.” 

Check out the few interview to hear more of their answers to LUVITY questions!

Podcast version available here.

Source: Audacy Check In

Host name: Julia

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