EVERMORE Entertainment Opens for 2022 Auditions

Cr: Evermore Entertainment.

Evermore Entertainment will hold an open audition in the first half of 2022 to select talents in various fields such as vocal, dance, visual, and musical instruments.

Evermore Entertainment released a poster image announcing the opening of the public audition ‘ROAD2EVERMORE’ in the first half of 2022 through its official SNS account on the 16th.

The name of the audition ‘ROAD2EVERMORE’ means two paths to Evermore Entertainment, ROAD1 corresponds to the band division, and ROAD2 corresponds to the idol group division.

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The application period for this public audition is from the 22nd of this March to the 22nd of April, and anyone born from 2002 to 2009 can apply regardless of nationality or gender.

Recruitment fields are divided into four fields: vocal, dance, visual, and musical instrument. In the field of musical instruments, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drum, piano, synth, violin, etc. can be freely applied without any restrictions.

To apply, apply through Evermore Audition email audition@evmore.kr or Kakao Channel @에버모어엔터테인먼트오디션 by attaching the required text, video, and image files posted in the notice.

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In the screening process, after online screening, face-to-face audition and final meeting, the final successful candidates are announced, and only the successful candidates are notified individually.

Evermore Entertainment has proven its differentiated production capabilities by successfully conducting solo debut projects of Kim Bada from Sinawi and Dongha Jeong from Resurrection. In addition, they discovered talented artists such as the band Busters, which caused a great sensation in the global rock music scene in Europe, the United States, and Japan, as well as the versatile singer-songwriter Aivan and the talented vocal group Voisper.

Source: Xsports News 

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