LIONESSES Releases Latest Single "Will You Be My Groom?"

Ford Carter

K-pop boy group LIONESSES, who we released an interview with just yesterday, have released their latest single - "Will You Be My Groom?"

The message behind their latest song talks about "the institutional discrimination experiences by same-sex couples in countries where same-sex marriage is not recognised", including South Korea, as stated by the group's leader, Damjun. LIONESSES member Foxman followed up this statement by saying "subsidies and economic benefits also vary widely in the size of heterosexual couples and homosexual couples".

LIONESSES were kind enough to take the time out of their busy schedules to interview with us - and you can read that interview by clicking here. There, you'll find out more information about the group and their latest single.

Meanwhile, you can check out "Will You Be My Groom?" below:

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