Mnet Releases Full Cast Poster for "Queendom 2"

Ford Carter

With just two weeks to go until the show's premiere, South Korean broadcaster Mnet has released it's full-cast poster for the upcoming "Queendom 2".

Along with the poster release, each of the teams competing on the survival show have also released statements about what they think makes them unique compared to the competition.

The girl group who recently exploded from obscurity to the front of every music show - Brave Girls - said:

"We are a team with a lot of different charms, but we have yet to show all that we have to offer. We will do our best to show new sides."

Rookies with more than a decade of experience, the trio of VIVIZ said:

"We will bring forth our abilities to the fullest until we have no regrets."

The girl group with two names - WJSN or Cosmic Girls - said:

"Our team has a great balance of vocals, performance, rap, etc, and so there is a wider range in the types of concepts and stages we can pull off."

Elon Musk's favourite girl group - LOONA - said:

"We are a team with a strong performance, so we are confident in our ability to receive good results in a competition."

Rookie girl group Kep1er said:

"Our team's strength is the powerful, bright, and youthful energy emitted by nine members with different charms."

Soloist Hyolyn said:

"I'm hungry to show many different types of stages, not held down by genre."

Do you plan on watching Mnet's "Queendom 2" when it premieres in two weeks? Which group are you most looking forward to seeing competing on the show? Let us know by commenting on our socials @KpopWise.

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