Boy Group 100% Regroups with New Name FAVE1


Ten-year veteran vocal dance idol group 100% has returned together with a new name after ending activities with their previous company in 2021. 

The four members Kim Rock Hyun, Jung Hwan, Chan Yong, and Hyuk Jin have reformed as FAVE1, signed under Kiss Entertainment in Japan. 

The group name includes the feeling that "the feelings of the fans and the members are always one". FAVE1 attracts many people with its energetic and dynamic songs and performances, as well as its ability, popularity, and stability cultivated over nine years.

The official site of FAVE1 has just opened. The site offers plenty of digital content, including their latest information, schedules, profiles, discography, videos, and e-mail newsletters.

In December 2018, Rockhyun, Junghwan, Chanyong, and Hyukjin, finished their activities in Japan with the 5th single, "28 ℃" and ended their activities for nine years in Korea as 100% in 2021. After about half a year of silence, they will finally restart as "FAVE1".

Keep an eye on their energetic and dynamic songs and performances, which are full of charm with the ability, popularity, and stability cultivated over nine years.

Fans are the indispensable and most important thing for FAVE1, and the fan name has been decided to be "1 Chu ♡" with the meaning that we want everyone to ask for it.

Meanwhile, member Chanyong announced his marriage to his non-celebrity wife over the group's hiatus in a handwritten letter, bringing about congratulations from the fans. 

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