Power Lineup Comeback in May! From Kang Daniel, Seventeen, To iKON

Netizens are highly anticipating the comeback of idols in May.


Solo singer Kang Daniel is reportedly preparing a new song to release in May.

According to JTBC news reports on the April 22nd, Kang Daniel will release his first album in about a year. It is expected to unlock a new outlook on world after wrapping up the “Color Series” with its album “YELOW” in April last year.

Daniel, who has been recently active in acting and web entertainment, On April 22nd appeared on the Grammy “Press Play” and showcased a high-quality “Antidote” stage, elevating expectations.


SEVENTEEN is scheduled to return with its fourth full-length album “Face the Sun” on 27th of May, next month. SEVENTEEN posted a teaser Poster on its official SNS account today (April 22th) signaling a comeback.

The teaser includes the Album Title and release date along with various objects namely stairs, ropes, the sun, maps, and structures signifying the concept of the 4th Regular Album,  With many speculations regarding what the objects mean, the attention is focused on the story SEVENTEEN will deliver with their 4th regular album.

Seventeen announced the start of a new story with its digital single “Darl+ing” (Darling), which was pre-released on April 15th. “Darl+ing” ranked top 10 on iTunes charts in 46 countries, ranked first in 34 countries namely Singapore, Philippines, Egypt, and Indonesia and ranked first in the iTunes Worldwide Song Charts proving its strong presence.



iKON will return to the K-pop scene in early May. On April 22nd, YG Entertainment, iKON’s agency, unveiled the title song “BUT YOU” of iKON’s 4th mini album “FLASHBACK.”

The icon in the title poster showed a neat yet unique all-black outfit. The aura of the members who are staring at the front with charismatic eyes is atypical. What genre of music and stories “The Reason for You” will focus on, and how it will be related to the album Title “Flashback.” is engrossing attention.

 YG announced the title song “BUT YOU,” saying, “It’s a song that contains new attempts by the six iKON members,” and anticipating, “You can expect another iKON music color that you haven’t seen before.”

iKON plans to release the “Flashback” music video at 6 p.m. on May 3rd and is then expected to begin comeback activities showcasing the concept of new album.


By Reporter Kim Narae  

Translated by Ritu Kohli

Ritu kohli

It's around 2016 year when Ritu had the toughest time of her life; she felt the most pessimistic and miserable but thank the gracious right at that moment she discovered BTS and ever since then there's no looking back for her. With over 6 years stuck in this hallyu hole, she became a keen k-pop music and K-drama enthusiast, so on the way she naturally developed feelings for korean language too and that's how she started exploring and loving korean language passionately for over 2 years now. She also loves reading books, writing blogs, painting and cuddling with her pet. She dreams of working with k-entertainment industry utlitizing her korean language skills. And here she begins.

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