"Queendom 2" - Episode 4 Review

The second round of the incredibly popular Mnet survival show "Queendom 2" wraps up in the show's fourth episode.

This episode brings the second round - "Cover Song Battle" - to an end, with three more amazing performances from VIVIZ, Kep1er, and Hyolyn.

Over the course of the series, we here at KpopWise will take you through a recap and review of each episode of the series. So make sure to read on for more!

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Episode 4 Recap

While the episodes are slowly decreasing in length, this one still sits just twenty minutes shy of the two-hour mark, so there's still a lot to recap in each episode.

The previous episode saw the first three performances come from WJSN, LOONA, and Brave Girls, covering songs from each of the teams competing in the fourth episode. And now, this episode sees the tables turned.

The stages

VIVIZ opens up the fourth episode as the third competing group of the second round.

Covering WJSN's "UNNATURAL", the trio took to the song with a tango feel, which required Eunha to learn some difficult choreography and SinB to keep up with the speed of a rapper.

During the performance, Eunha was unfortunately unable to perform the round kick choreography, being slightly off, and cried afterwards due to her mistake. Overall, however, the rest of the performance was almost flawless.

Kep1er follow up, being the fifth performance to be staged this round.

Kep1er covered Brave Girls' follow-up hit "Pool Party", along with elements of "Rollin'" in the chorus. Entitled "Pool Party (Rollin' right now)", the performance was energetic and filled with fun, costume changes, and bubbles.

However, towards the tail end of their performance, Dayeon slipped off the stage, while Yujin was unable to finish her dance moves properly due to the bubble liquid stuck to the bottom of her shoes. Overall, though, the performance was still fun and exciting.

Soloist and the perfect-score winner of the first round, Hyolyn, rounds out the performances for the second round of "Queendom 2".

The difficult challenge of performing the song of a twelve-member group as a solist did not get to Hyolyn, however, who decided to push the limits of "Quendom" stages. Covering LOONA's "So What", she took the majority of the colours of her first performance out, and began in an aerial hoop position, dressed as Cat Woman.

The results

Once again, the results came out in their three parts, with the whole score for the round revealed at the end. So, how did everyone do?

Self-evaluation (1,000 points)

Each of the teams was given the opportunity to select someone they thought was better than them, and someone who did worse than them.

Given that almost no-one selected someone higher than them last time, the teams were told they could receive an advantage if they did so. WJSN was the only group that took advantage of this.

The result of the self-evaluation portion of the votes went as follows:

  1. Hyolyn - 1,000 points
  2. VIVIZ - 834 points
  3. LOONA - 667 points
  4. Kep1er - 667 points
  5. WJSN - 500 points
  6. Brave Girls - 500 points

Global audience votes (3,000 points)

Another international audience from dozens of countries around the world watched and voted on the live performances as well, with their votes accounting for a total of 30% of the end result of the round.

This is how they voted:

  1. Hyolyn - 3,000 points
  2. LOONA - 2,449 points
  3. WJSN - 1,960 points
  4. VIVIZ - 1,830 points
  5. Kep1er - 1,500 points
  6. Brave Girls - 850 points

Live audience votes (6,000 points)

The final portion of the votes to be announced came from the live, in-person audience who attended the performances. Their votes account for the majority of the score - a total of 60% of the points for the round.

Here is how those results looked for the competing teams:

  1. Hyolyn - 6,000 points
  2. LOONA - 3,316 points
  3. WJSN - 2,937 points
  4. Kep1er - 1,864 points
  5. VIVIZ - 1,769 points
  6. Brave Girls - 1,611 points

Total score (10,000 points)

These three scores combined lead to a total possible score of 10,000 points once again.

Here's how the final scoreboard was shown:

  1. Hyolyn - 10,000 points
  2. LOONA - 6,432 points
  3. WJSN - 5,397 points
  4. VIVIZ - 4,433 points
  5. Kep1er - 4,031 points
  6. Brave Girls - 2,961 points

And, for those of you keeping track, this is what the current cumulative total of the scoreboard is after the first two rounds:

  1. Hyolyn - 20,000 points
  2. WJSN - 12,538 points
  3. VIVIZ - 10,270 points
  4. Kep1er - 8,732 points
  5. Brave Girls - 7,077 points
  6. LOONA - 6,432 points

The third round

In a short preview of the next episode to come, it appears that the third round will follow the same format as the previous three iterations of the show, with the groups preparing mixed unit performances.

In what appears to be a theme park setting, as each idol arrives, they have to make a choice between vocalist and dancer.

Have you watched episode four of "Queendom 2"? Which performance did you enjoy most? Let us know by commenting on our socials @ KpopWise.

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