The Artists With the Most Wins on "Show! Music Core"

Since first going to air back in October, 2005, MBC's "Show! Music Core" has aired 760 episodes, with thousands of groups performing tens of thousands of performances.

Here's a quick recap of how their current scoring system works (as of 5 June, 2021):

  • Broadcast - 10% (1,000 points)
  • Digital - 50% (5,000 points)
  • Physical - 10% (1,000 points)
  • SNS - 10% (1,000 points)
  • Voting - 20% (2,000 points)

To be eligible to win on "Show! Music Core", the song can not have been released more than two months prior, and must not have achieved a quintuple crown on the show. It is not necessary to attend "Show! Music Core".

Today, we take a look at the artists with the most wins on "Show! Music Core" of all time.

9th: Taeyeon


8th: Apink

6th: Red Velvet

6th: Beast / Highlight

4th: TWICE

4th: Wanna One

3rd: EXO

2nd: IU

1st: BTS

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