#TRACE - A Review of TREASURE's First Concert

Ford Carter
It was the biggest weekend in TREASURE history for the fans who have been supporting the group for its almost two year history, all wrapped up in a massive, high-energy series of performances lasting two and a half hours.

Held over two unforgettable nights, YG Entertainment's monster rookie group blew the roof off of Olympic Hall in Seoul as a sold-out stadium was filled with Teume showing their support for the group in their very first concert, held both in-person and online. 

Audiences from around the world were treated to more than twenty magnificent performances from the twelve member group, including never before heard alternative versions of songs, along with covers of fellow labelmates biggest hits.

1. Jikjin
What better way to open the show than than your latest hit - which just so happens to also be one of your most successful songs to date and the song that finally got you your first music show win?

The song opened the show with a bang, with the members dressed in bejewelled matching black jackets and strobe lights filling the stage everywhere.

The attention-grabbing performance certainly brought eyes to the screen, with audiences treated to a recent hit song, before . . .

2. Boy
. . . Being taken straight back to where it all began.

From the first song to get the group a music show win to the first song they ever released, audiences were given a throwback to where many of them fell in love with TREASURE to begin with.

And still without a break from their performing, what better way for the group to go from the beginning to . . .

3. Going Crazy
. . . Even earlier. Before the beginning. Pre-debut.

Recognisable to many fans as the song that came from the survival show that formed the group - "YG Treasure Box" - the group finally got to perform the song as a dodectet for audiences for the first time.

As the LED screens filled with the art-filled walls of a city, the groups pre-debut "YG Treasure Box" theme was performed. Still with all of the high-performance energy the group had from their pre-debut days, they made their way from the stage to the island via the catwalk.

Following the ten minute opening performance, the group finally got the chance to speak to the audience. Each of the members introduced themselves to the audience both in the arena and watching from around the world through Weverse.

4. Come To Me
The intermission was short-lived, however, as the next performance quickly came up.

As the members removed their bejewelled jackets, the first B-side performance of the concert finally took place.

Fans were finally introduced to the much-anticipated choreography for the track, which certainly didn't fail to deliver.

5. U
Another B-side performance was to follow, this time from their most recent comeback.

With memorable choreography we've seen before from performances on music shows, audiences were able to dance along during the special performance.

6. BLT (Bling Like This)
BLT (Bling Like This) should remain a memorable performance for Teumes for a long time if not for at least one reason only.

This performance showcased the ability of the group to utilise both the stage, the island, and the catwalk, ensuring nobody in the live audience was missing out.

The stage presence and the performance value of the group were on full display to the maximum with this song.

The audience is then treated to a flashback showing clips from "YG Treasure Box" and the members individual auditions for the company as the boys run back for a costume change.

And it's certainly a flashback. The survival show that formed the group originally aired in the back half of 2018, with a finale during the first few weeks of 2019, despite the group not debuting for more than eighteen months after that.

7. Wayo (Bang Yedam)
In a beautiful performance showcasing Yedam's undeniable vocal abilities, he sits on a prop staircase that has just been rolled onto the stage.

With a light fog and moody lighting, his performance hits just how you would expect.

Yedam addresses the audience, admitting this is the first time he's performed his solo single live. He also asks for the audience to focus on his vocals and he performs his next song.

8. Unreleased song (Bang Yedam)
The live audience waves their lightsticks from side to side and as a snippet of a special performance of an unreleased song is given by the vocalist.

Yedam's ability to hold the entire audience in his grasp with just his voice alone, no special effects, gimmickry, or pyrotechnics, is a testament to his skill.

9. Really Really (Yoshi, Junkyu, Haruto, Jeongwoo)
Now, it's time for the unit cover stages.

First up, we have members Yoshi, Junkyu, Haruto, and Jeongwoo performing YG labelmates WINNER's "Really Really".

As a quartet, they do an amazing performance of the song, showcasing all of their abilities.

10. Love Scenario (Asahi, Mashiho, Jaehyuk, Yedam, Doyoung, Junghwan)
The next team we have up consists of members Asahi, Mashiho, Jaehyuk, Yedam, Doyoung, and Junghwan.

Together, these six perform an incredible cover version of iKon's "Love Scenario" that could rival the original.

11. Good Boy (Hyunsuk, Jihoon)
These two had been hinting at a performance of this for more than a month now, with casual mentions and references thrown in to almost every interview and show they've been on.

But "Good Boy" (originally by G-Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang) still hit like a hammer when it came to the live performance by the duo, who did the song worthy.

12. Bang Bang Bang
Now that the unit performances were now all out of the way, it was time for the twelve members to come back together and perform one final cover song from their idols Big Bang with the iconic "Bang Bang Bang".

A break in the performances allows the group to pay their respects to their fellow YG labelmate artists whose songs they've just covered, and allows the members to provide short acoustic vocal moments from the songs as well.

The live audience also gets to perform a wave using their lightsticks that the members then called a "TEU-WAVE".

Speaking about their recent hit with "Jikjin", the group then talk about the viral success of one of its B-sides, "Darari".

As the members prepare a costume change for the performance, the audience is treated to a short pre-recorded vlog from the members, along with a dance practice video for "Darari" which has not yet been released, but will likely make its way to the official TREASURE YouTube channel in coming days.

13. Darari
This right here has been touted as the moment Teumes had been waiting for for more than a month now.

Coming back from the dance practice video, we're treated to the live performance, with the members dressed in suit jackets, wearing various pins and faux flowers.

The dance uses the moves used from the viral TikTok, as well as a cute moment with Junkyu conducting the other members like an orchestra or choir that has fast become a favourite choreography moment for Teume everywhere.

14. Be With Me
Another soft performance in a similar vibe to their viral hit follows "Darari", which ended with the groups pairing together, with some accidentally pushing each other too hard.

The members then once again spoke to the audience, talking about their favourite parts of the choreography from their performances.

Junkyu's favourite part is when he conducts the other eleven members in "Darari", and gives the live and online audiences the opportunity to do the same to the members as well. And Teumes are agreeing with him.

As the vocalists go and change their microphones, the groups rap line stays out on stage to talk.

15. Orange
As the vocalists come back, they begin with a stirring performance of their B-side, making use of the staircase from earlier, which has now been turned around the wrong way.

The song is a moment that allows member Asahi to shine, as he was the main person to work on the songs production.

16. It's Okay
Another beautiful ballad is performed by the members to raucous applause from the live audience, and inevitably from around the world.

The string of ballad performances does come, though, with some absolutely major hits still to be seen.

In a break from the performances, Yedam's emotions get to him  causing him to be the first member to break into tears after seeing and hearing the live audience singing along, to which Hyunsuk remarks he wasn't the first to cry, as was heavily expected. The members then thank the audience.

The members are then delivered a massive cake by their managers to celebrate their first concert.

The members and the audience all hold up their slogans for a photograph, before then doing a free pose photo.

Each individual member then gets the opportunity to speak to their fans as everyone gets changed for the final string of performances.

17. I Love You
Red lights fill the stage in the colour of the roses from the music video as the members perform one of the most memorable hits from their first string of releases.

While it would admittedly have been nice to get the piano version of this song to accompany it's postdecessor performance, it was still great nonetheless.

18. Mmm (Rock ver.)
With full-on fire and pyrotechnics, the rock version of "Mmm" originally seen at awards shows at the end of 2020 absolutely lights up the stage.

This performance acts as the "end" of the show before the encore performances begin, and the welcome reminder of the impact the group had at the end of year awards shows from 2020 is much appreciated.

Following the final performance, messages written by each of the members appears on the screen for the audience to read. And the encore performance begins.

19. My Treasure
The title track from the groups first full-length album, "My Treasure" was an epic performance that made full use of the members carrying Yoshi and that iconic yellow umbrella.

20. Going Crazy (Remix)
Unexpected? Undoubtedly.

A club / disco remix of the groups pre-debut single plays, with the members performing directly to members of the audience. They then grab confetti cannons part-way through the performance, covering the stage and the audience in confetti.

As this performance took place, Teumes from around the world suddenly realised how much they wanted the groups unreleased songs and remixes to finally be released.

The members shout out to audience members on all levels in the live venue, as well as the online audience from around the world.

Yoshi greets his family in Japanese who are watching online. Hyunsuk thanks the YG staff and stylists who worked on the show.

As the concert comes to an end, multiple members end up breaking down in tears from the high emotions of the show.

21. Orange (Remix)
A soft ballad was turned into a more hype and upbeat song in this remix of "Orange".

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Did it work? Maybe. Did I hate it? No. It was just unusual.

22. Darari (Rock ver.)
Now, if any Teume tells you that specifically thos pop-punk rock version of "Darari" reminiscent of songs in 2000's teen romcom movies isn't their favourite TREASURE song, they're lying to you.

Think Blink-182. Think All-American Rejects. Think about the pop-punk vibe that just dominated in those few years in the middle of the 00's. And now you have the vibe of this "Darari" remix.

I can't explain how much I need this on Spotify. I can't express how much money I would drop on a live concert album just to be able to rock out to this version of "Darari" every day for the rest of my life.

And so marks the end of the two and a half hour journey Teumes from around the world were able to take with their favourite boy group.

The concert was undoubtedly a success, attended by idols and producers from across YG Entertainment and the K-pop industry.

Replays of the concert will be livestreamed this upcoming Saturday and Sunday.

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